ENACT News & Community

The Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce Inc. (known as ENACT) is working as the progress association for the area with the aim of making Eaglehawk Neck and better place to live and visit.

This group was established following a public meeting at the Hall in March 2013. As a direct result of that meeting ENACT embarked upon a number of projects including arranging for a coastal track to be built around Pirates Bay to provide a safe connection for the community.

To keep up with ENACT or anything Eaglehawk Neck,  Follow us on our community facebook page or email us at eaglehawkneckact@gmail.com

ENACT Meetings

The Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce committee meets publicly every two months. All members, and any interested persons are welcome to

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ENACT Values

ENACT Mission Building on our spectacular setting and send of community, our mission is conserve, enhance and protect for visitors and

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Social Events

The Eaglehawk Neck  community has an active social calendar, including: Markets and Fairs Book Sales Yoga and other Wellbeing activities Concerts

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Valued Contributors

pressroompartners.com.au 03 8579 6300 Pressroom Philanthropy’s mission is to support organisations that offer hope, opportunity and access to the essentials required

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